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Wedding Invitation Wording Is Important

Weddings are very important family events and everyone in your immediate family is going to want to feel like they have a part in your special day.  This may bother you a little because you feel like it is your day so why should you include people you don’t want to?

However, if you want to avoid family problems for years after the wedding then keep the whole family in mind when planning it.  This goes for the wedding invitation wording as well.  Let me tell you a quick story that outlines the importance wedding invitation wording can be to the future happiness of your family.

I had a very close friend who got married a few years ago and his parents had been divorced since he was around 8.  He tried to stay in touch with his father but eventually his father disappeared from his life but he was able to stay in touch with his father’s side of the family which included grandparents, aunts, and uncles.  He thought all was well.  When he was planning his wedding with his bride they decided that since the groom was raised completely by his mother with no help from his father who disappeared that the wedding invitation wording would include both of her parents but only his mother and not his father.

He never thought that wedding invitation wording would be a problem.  A week later they get the response from his aunt, his father’s sister, who informed the groom that since the wedding invitation wording did not include a mention of the groom’s father then the entire father’s side of the family would not be attending.  The groom and his father’s side of the family have not spoken since.

The Moral of the Story

There are many essential elements of wedding invitation wording that probably should be included in an invitation and what you think is not important may wind up being very important to other people.  In the given example should the groom’s father have been included?

Probably not since the father was not a part of the groom’s life but the story goes to show the power of wedding invitation wording and making sure it is done correctly.  There are other stories of wedding invitation wording that neglected to give complete directions to the wedding reception and caused some people to be two hours late because they got lost.

Make sure your wedding invitation wording is as complete and inclusive as possible and if you are purposely neglecting someone, or something, then be prepared to suffer the consequences.

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