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Options with Wedding Bouquets

The bride’s wedding bouquet is something that is not only a personal choice for her but it is also something that a couple may pull out of a trunk of memories many years later and remember their wedding day.

There is just something about wedding bouquets that trigger all the memories of your wedding day and it is amazing how much wedding bouquets seem to mean to not only the bride but the groom as well.  For many years wedding bouquets were made of real flowers and the bride is always given two wedding bouquets.  One of the bouquets she throws at the end of the wedding in the ceremony that is supposed to foreshadow who will be the next to get married and then the other bouquet is the keepsake that winds up bringing back the memories.

For years both were made of real flowers and there was a service that the florist would offer to help preserve wedding bouquets.  Today the keepsake bouquet, which is also the one used in the ceremony, is made of silk and it will last forever.  Now when a couple pulls out their wedding bouquet it will look exactly the same as it did the day they were married and the memories will be even more vivid.

The throwing bouquet is still real flowers but even then many brides are having both wedding bouquets made of silk so that whoever catches the bouquet can keep it as well.  But many times the person catching the bouquet will lose it and this is why some brides prefer to not spend the extra money on two silk wedding bouquets when they know that only one of them has little chance of surviving.  But the silk flowers will last forever and they look just as beautiful as the real flowers.  The only thing that brides notice is missing from silk flowers is that flower scent but the silk flower makers are working on that too.

A Bouquet in Itself

For some reason the bouquet is the one flower arrangement in the entire wedding that does not need to match the wedding color scheme.  Many brides will choose their bouquet based more on how it looks by itself rather than how it matches the rest of the wedding party colors.  A bouquet can be a simple handful of flowers or it can be an elaborate arrangement that cascades down the bride’s arm but either way it is usually a flower grouping that stands on its own.

So the next time you are at a wedding and you wonder why there are two wedding bouquets now you know why.  Many years after the wedding the couple will look on the bouquet and remember who caught the throwing bouquet and wonder whatever happened to that girl.

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