Wedding Cakes

Popular Designs in Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are an important focal point in a wedding. During most weddings, the cake ceremony is usually done after dinner but some people prefer to cut it before dinner so that there is ample time for the cake slices to be served as dessert.

Components of a Wedding Cake

Most wedding cakes these days are made from heavier cake and covered with fondant icing. Fondant icing is usually the best choice for wedding cakes because this can be made into many different versatile designs and themes to integrate into the cake. Gum paste is also used as decorations for the cake such as small flowers, leaves, ribbons and many other shapes and sizes. There are also some very intricate fondant lace designs that are adorable for wedding cakes.

Most cakes are made from fruit cake because these can withstand the weight of the heavy fondant icing and it also can last for several days after the wedding. Other heavier wedding cakes’ alternative flavors are carrot cake, butter rum and heavy chocolate cake. Of course, you might like to break from tradition and have a cake that is not made from fondant icing. These are usually lighter cakes that are made from sponge cake, butter cake and other light cakes. The icing can be any of the lighter icing used for cake but you can also have a fondant look icing for your light cake.

Cakes on a Different Level

Most wedding cakes are tiered or have several levels. You might opt also for the more modern wedding cakes that are made up of small cakes (like muffins) and piled together to create something beautiful. Some wedding cakes have satellite cakes that surround the larger cake. The smaller cakes can be given out as favors. The taller your wedding cake is, the more likely that the bottom is partially made from Styrofoam. The bottoms cakes of big and heavy cakes cannot take the weight and might fall in that is why Styrofoam is commonly used at the center to give support.

You might prefer to stick to the smaller two tiered wedding cakes that are more common for weddings. These are not expensive and are usually made with real cake, no Styrofoam center. Wedding cakes’ designs can range from the simple to the ostentatious. Make sure that your choice of cake is appropriate with your wedding theme or budget. Do not go overboard in your selection as the cake is something you cannot save for years to come.

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