How To Write Your Wedding Vows

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. A lot of couples plan for their weddings months or years in advance. To have a more meaningful wedding, several couples prefer to make their very own wedding vows. In the past, wedding vows are made by the officiants according to their traditional vows. But, for some time now, couples have opted to make their own wedding vows in accordance to their feelings and preferences.

Wording Your Wedding Vows

Standard vows for weddings are often obtained from the Bible, which usually says that the bride will obey while groom will honor. Nowadays, equality has inspired different types of wedding vows where the couples make them and structure them on how they feel for one another. In many instances, the content of the contemporary wedding vows are comparable to the classic ones. One difference is that it is phrased in a way that both husband and wife have the same rights.

There’s always a commitment of love and fidelity in nearly all wedding vows. It is to be anticipated because you are going to begin a new life with one another. Others include looking after one another and supporting each other. Other ideas that you may like to incorporate into your wedding vows include trust, companionship, and security. These are still somewhat similar to what is found in standard vows.

Other wedding vows basically state the things they plan to do in the future and just how much they love the one they’re marrying. Some officiants will censor certain vows because not all are suitable for churches but in most instances, the couple already have an idea how far they could go about the words they can use as well as the solemnity of the church.

Short and Sweet

It is far better to have wedding vows that are short yet concise. Some couples like to express their feelings and include these in their wedding vows. On the other hand, there are also couples who prefer to keep to the more conventional idea of the vows. For longer vows, you should write them down so you could easily express yourself. Meanwhile, others just get the gist of how they feel and declare their vows with no guide at all.

Writing your own wedding vows makes the wedding more personal and your vows more heartfelt. It is the best opportunity to tell your spouse how important he or she is to you and how thankful you are that you will be marrying one another.

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